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We have been manufacturing metal furniture since 1990. Techmark has been present on the market for the last 30 years, which proves high quality of our products and puts us under obligation to render first-class services. 

About us

Stop Covid- 19


Our TECHPOST multi-functional stands and cabinets for parcels is a new line of STOP COVID products which offer functional solutions aimed at improving safety during the Covid-19 pandemics.

These products prove how flexible we are able to be and how fast we can react to the ever-changing needs of our Customers.


2020 changed us in unprecedented way. Frequent disinfection of hands, social distancing, as well as limited social contacts and the ability to move have become part of our everyday life. Due to these circumstances we have been forced to develop solutions which guarantee safety in public places. New solutions aimed at observing sanitary regime requirements have started to be implemented in companies striving to continue their operation. 


TECHPOST products address these requirements. Our functional furniture is provided with new solutions which contribute to the common effort to stop the transmission of Covid-19 virus.  


parcel cabinets

These are automatic compartment cabinets which provide non-contact transfer of different assets: documents, parcels, tools, working clothes, etc.


A cabinet, which can store parcels of different sizes. It enables non-contact delivery of parcels and their storage in a secure place is possible, even when you are absent.




A multi-functional furniture to be configured as needed. It can be used as disinfection station, information stand, or even transform into a coat hanger.


We know all about metal furniture. 

Apart from furniture in the STOP COVID line, our offer includes over 300 types of other metal furniture. Our products can be found in all types of companies and enterprises, schools, universities, other education and care institutions, business offices, public offices, courts, banks, hotels, stations, airports, as well as other public facilities.


We equip workshops, production halls and service facilities. We develop prototypes and manufacture special purpose cabinets, also for penitentiaries and other uniformed service facilities. We also serve as subcontractor and undertake cooperation. We work with architects and companies specialising in providing complex interior design elements; we also carry out orders for non-standard products. Make yourself familiar with our complete offer.